Human Trafficking is not a problem that is “over there”. 2016 statistics in California show that of 1,331 hotline reported and verified trafficking reports, there were 1,096 sex trade related, 1,184 females, 405 (1/3) minors, 62% were US citizens.

The Boston Herald stated prostitution is currently the #1 way gangs make money, surpassing drug trafficking and drug sales. 1.2 million known cases of child trafficking take place each year. For every 800 victims of human trafficking, one person is convicted for the crimes.

But, there are major steps being taken to stop this crime in its tracks. These trafficked victims are modern day slaves. Join FHFI & Harold’s Car Donation Service in raising money to fund organizations that are on the front lines of this fight. FHFI is a registered 501c3.

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Your car donation helps charity programs giving help to kids, animals, churches, and many others.


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