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Vehicle Donation for Buddhist Church Charities

Helping your local buddhist church with car donations

Harold, the founder and owner of Harold’s Car Donation has been working closely with two Buddhist churches for nearly twenty years! The Orange County Buddhist Church and Senshin Buddhist Temple have learned to count on his help/support.

Harold takes care of everything. From the moment someone calls him up and chooses to donate their car, to making sure it gets fixed up as appropriate, brought up to the best-selling value possible; he oversees it all. He wants to make sure the donor walks away with the highest tax deductible whilst simultaneously making sure the church gets a nice donation as well! Great things for everyone!

Buddhist churches are all about peace and tranquility. Bringing and being the example of peace not only with themselves but towards others. They feel a great responsibility to live in love and harmony in all things, always. Buddhist churches welcome people of all places, of all colors and of all walks of life. They believe in the state of nirvana and that everyone can reach it and deserves to. They practice what they preach and that makes working for them all the more wonderful!

How is your Donation Helping the Buddhist Church?

Example of a church that is accepting car donationsWith the help of Harold, the Orange County Buddhist Church has been able to facilitate sports programs for the youth in the Orange County area! Some of the programs are, Tai Kuan Do, Judo, and basketball and so on and so forth! They’re Seyo program honors graduating high school seniors with scholarships!


Another example of an America Buddhist Church that will accept vehicle donationsThe Senshin Buddhist Temple is known for maintaining its traditional practices and for cultivating one of the earliest Taiko groups appearing in the United States! They provide healing and rejuvenation retreats for those seeking reconnection with themselves.


Helping these organizations and ones like these, who only seek to help and make others more at one with themselves is such an honor, it’s a blessing to be able to help one to help hundreds, even thousands. Seeing the help turn into programs and actually getting to see the youth getting involved with their community is what makes it all worthwhile. It’s what’s kept Harold going the last 20 years! The help that you provide donating your car, whether it be new, older or even a junk car goes a long way. We make sure it’s worth everyone’s time and effort. We do it with a smile on our faces, pride in our hearts and satisfaction in our souls.

We do our best to get you the best service and the higher tax deduction for your donation. We handle all DMV paperwork.