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When you donate your car to us you get to choose the charity you wish to donate to! Animals are a big part of most people’s lives. I know they are a big part of mine. The ill-treatment, the betterment and the rescuing/rehabilitation of animals is something that us animal lovers love to see and help continue.

Harold has been working with two fantastic animal help and research charities. He’s worked with Heaven on Earth Society for Animals for about 5 years and Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization for about 10 years!

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization not only works on preserving animal life but all forms of life in general! Keeping the peace between us and Mother Nature. They work in association with other environmental groups around the world! They have thousands of members from all cultures, races and religions working together. Their focus is on fighting extinction currently, something that so many major life forms are at risk of/in the process of right now. Not to mention their general dedication to sustaining and taking care of this beautiful planet that we inhabit.

Heaven on Earth Society for Animals in their own words their mission is, “to transform the lives of homeless cats through rescue, sanctuary and new beginnings. Especially those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low adoption potential.” Now cats are by far my favorite domestic animal, and any charity dedicated to the betterment and rescue of any animal already has a special place in my heart. One of the ways they fulfill their mission is with The Perry Macfarlane Sanctuary which is their cage free, no-kill facility! They receive quality care and love there. Whether they be temporarily awaiting adoption or long term kitty’s!

They also have great adoption programs and hold adoption events at several pet stores in the area and they host adoption visits at Perry’s Place too! Community outreach, referral, guidance, support and humane education are the center to everything they do and while they know they can’t rescue every cat they do respond to each inquiry that comes in from people seeking to help them.

Through donating your car you help make sure that these wonderful, thoughtful and selfless charities can continue to flourish and help the beautiful different life forms that we get to share this planet with! Not to mention that real nice tax deductible! 😉

So when you are ready to dispose of that old car, dont forget that you can donate it to help our furry friends and be rewarded with paying less income tax!

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