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Benefits of Donating Your Car

Benefits of donating your car

The act of donating, toys, money, food (or in this case, a car) makes you feel amazing. The idea that you’re giving someone something that they really need, much more than you do. Use something that you no longer have use for, giving it to another life is such an incredible feeling. It’s a selfless act but selfless acts are repaid and we believe in that!

  1. When you choose to donate your car you shouldn’t just feel great because you’re helping out a charity, (although that should totally make you feel amazing) there are other benefits that make it all the more worth doing.

  3. When you donate a car through us, you don’t have to worry about any of the annoying stuff. We take care of that. You can choose the charity you want your car be donated to and we take care of the rest. So not only do you get to feel great about doing a good thing, you don’t have to deal with any of the fixing up, auctioning, smog checks, hassle with selling and so on.

  5. When you donate your car, the funds that go to the charity help make so many beautiful things happen. You can help the elderly, kids, people of all ages with disabilities, such a providing housing, meals, health care, etc.

  7. Not to mention when you file your taxes whatever price your old car ended up selling for is now a tax deduction! So not only do you feel good about helping others, you get compensated!

  9. Karma. Yup, that cosmic thing we all know about. You get what you give, you receive what you put in, what goes around comes around, etc, etc. When you do good things, good things come back around. When you do some not so good things, not so good things tend to come around. Sometimes they aren’t synchronized.

So when it comes time to replace that old car, we are ready to help!

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